Selasa, 20 Desember 2011

1987 VL Commodore SS Group A
Chassis No: 17 - "The last of the line" ENGINE: Holden 4.9 Litre V8, 420 BHP @ 6800 RPM GEARBOX: Getrag 5 speed, various ratios (5th gear 1:1) FRONT SUSPENSION: Harop Uprights & top hats, with coilover bilstein shock absorbers, heim jointed, blade style, adjustable sway bar. REAR AXLE: Harop modified holden, with 9" differential and adjustable negative camber. BRAKES: Front and rear - AP Racing WHEELS: On car, BBS 17"X10" (Various others used) OTHER FEATURES: Air jacking system with "onboard" jacks. 120 Litre foam filled fuel tank with bladder and "Dry Break" system. This car is the "Last of the Line" of Australia's most famous race cars built by Australia's most successful motorsport hero, Peter Brock, at the headquarters of the mighty holden dealer team, 35 Bertie Street Port Melbourne. Chassis No. 17 was built as Peter Brock's Bathurst mount for 1987, and of course carries his famous racing number "05". At the end of the 1987 season this car was sold, and went to England where it competed in various forms of motorsport until 1999, when it was "Rescued" by Queensland industrialist and Brock enthusiast, Peter Champion. Upon it's return to Australia, the car was sent immediately to Australia's premier Brock/HDT restoration expert, John (also known as "THE DOC" or "Guru") Van Roosmalen, with instructions to restore it precisely to it's 1987 Bathurst condition. During 2000, and it took just over 12 months full time work, the car was stripped of every nut and bolt, to a bare ...

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